Why increase the size of the penis is important?

Why increase the size of the penis is important?

Have you ever had problems with your erection and want to increase erection strength?

Do you know that many men experience erection strength problems and even at an early age?

Is the penis size small, and you feel uncomfortable about satisfying your partner?

Generally, this is a typical case for many men regarding their penis size. Most men want a bigger penis because they think ” BIGGER IS BETTER. “

Indeed for many, penis enlargement is a big problem.

Many men don’t know how to solve this problem because they are empty and sometimes they are so scared that they don’t even talk to their doctor about such a problem.

Many health experts and studies have shown that size doesn’t matter when it comes to sex or fun. But men still want a bigger penis and therefore take several pills or supplements available online or on the market.

There are many methods available that increase penis length, such as penis pumps, penis enlargement surgeries, penis growth exercises, etc. Among these, some work while others do not.

When it comes time to start penis growth, many men don’t know how to do it. Many health experts have said that starting with natural ways is the best compared to other methods. And it is also seen that the male chooses natural methods to cure rather than go to surgery or other treatments.

However, to increase penis size and an erection, you should consider using natural methods like taking food. This method is useful, but at the same time, men can have better sexual intercourse and improve sperm quality and stronger erections.

What measures are considered “normal” size?

A study by the University of California of San Diego found that only 2% of people observed can be defined as small penis carriers. For a small penis, we indicate a penis with an erection length of less than 7 cm: above these measures, the penis is considered normal.

Again from studies from the University of San Diego, measures ranging from 8.8 cm in length to a flaccid penis and 12.5 cm in erection were considered normal and ideal. For the circumference, a circumference of 9 is considered normal, 9 cm at flaccid, and 12.5 cm in erect.

Another essential European study identified an average length of the penis in flaccidity of 9 cm, and an average circumference of 10 cm with an average erect length, i.e., with the penis stretched and measured from the pubis to the apex, between 12.6 cm and 14.9 cm.

A study by the Italian association of andrology has revealed that about 25% of Italians are dissatisfied with their size. However, the measures are regular, and this seems to be above all a psychological problem.

These measures tend to decrease with advancing age and in the presence of some vascular diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and ischemic cardiomyopathy.

So concluding, we now have a rough idea of ​​the average size of a penis and remember that by micropenis (small penis), we mean a penis with an erection length of less than 7 cm.

Can I increase my penis naturally?

This is a common thought that almost all men think after seeing their penis size because they always feel that their penis size should be bigger.
To this, you can get several ways or techniques, which can help you make your cock bigger and longer. However, you should always remember that increasing penis size is not magic but requires continuous training.
Yes, there are natural ways to work effectively to increase the size of your penis and make you feel that you can now enjoy your sexual activity better. Click see penis enlargement naturally

Why increase the size of the penis

Well, there are several reasons why men want their penis size to be larger. Every man is different, so everyone’s thought of increasing penis size will vary. But on average, the reason why men want their cock to get bigger is mentioned below:

Men will have more sex comfortably.

Having a bigger cock means that your partner will love having sex with you. Today as women, they have more experience in the field of sex as they have many lovers and usually compare the penis size of their past lovers.

If your lover sees that you have bigger penis sizes than others, she would like to have sex with you, and more chemistry will be blown up.

And not only that, but your partner will also be much more satisfied with the bigger penis size than the smaller one.

Men will appreciate more.

This is a common thing that if you have larger penis sizes, your partners would love it. No matter how you have increased your penis size, he will be thrilled to see the bigger cock and stamina that could last longer than before.

Now your partner will be more sexually aroused, and this, in return, will help men enjoy more sexual activity.

After all, men always think of satisfying their partner, and when they feel that their lady is happy with love, then everyone will be satisfied and will enjoy it.

The security level will become high.

Having big penis sizes can simplify your work in many situations. It is true that if you have a bigger penis, your confidence level will be high, which has been shown in several studies.

This is also good compared to those men who have a small penis.

Also, bigger penis size can work in many areas such as social life, sex life, etc., while men with small penis size have to struggle a lot in these areas.