Stella – female sex doll

Stella is a Sexy Live Action Role Playing Sex Doll. She loves to play pretend y dressing up with sexy clothes and teases her partner with her perfect curvy body. 

LifeSize Adult Sex Doll – Made from High-Quality TPE

(TPE sex doll is the most realistic dolls. They have a very realistic skin in TPE, and with a lovely skin headdress. Most dolls provide an incredible sexual experience and can satisfy all your desires absolutely: oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex. Each of its holes is realistic size, real features, and narrow as a real woman.)

156cm (5ft1′) H-Cup Sexy Live Action Role Playing Sex Doll – Stella displayed with Head# 233

Oral, vaginal and anal capabilities

  • Height: 156cm | 5ft 1 inch
  • Full Bust: 93cm | 36.6 inch
  • Waist: 54cm | 21.3 inch
  • Hips: 96cm | 37.8 inch
  • Weight: 39.5kg | 87 lbs.
  • Under Bust: 65cm | 25.5 inch
  • Arm: 63cm | 24.8 inch.
  • Shoulders: 37cm | 14.6 inch
  • Calf: 34cm | 13.4 inch.
  • Thigh: 56cm | 22 inch
  • Leg: 72cm | 28.3 inch
  • Foot: 20.5cm | 8 inch

Manufactured by WM Dolls

*Model has been styled with hair, makeup, clothing and accessories for photo display

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