ProExtender™ is the most effective penis enlargement system

ProExtender™ is the most effective penis enlargement system

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Tissue stretching is a historically used and now medically proven method for body modification. Medical doctors use tissue expanders for the purpose of enlarging soft tissue in many types of reconstructive surgery. Limbs are lengthened by orthopaedic surgeons. New skin is grown by stretching existing living skin. And in Africa and South America, tribal peoples have performed lip and ear stretching as a cultural practice for centuries.

Tissue stretching DOES WORK!

For centuries, many native tribes across the world have practiced body modification through stretching. Over centuries, the use of pressure or tension to stretch skin and tissue has been well proven to work.

Centuries of proof

There are numerous examples from around the world of the human body stretching and lengthening in response to sustained pressure.

Possibly the best known of all native cultures that practice body stretching are the “Hill People” (or Pa Dong Karen), who live near the borders of modern-day Burma and Thailand and are also known as “Giraffe Women.”

It is a tradition that some of the women in the tribe wear a large number of ornamental brass rings around their necks, starting when they are young (6 or 8 years old), and slowly, one ring at a time, lengthen the distance between their shoulders and heads. The process takes many years, but the results are astounding and very real.

The current record, according to one of the women, is 28 brass rings, although most stop when they get to about 20. This example proves vividly that soft tissue isn’t the only part of the body that responds to traction but that even bone tissue can be modified over time.

Proextender Study Results

More examples of successful tissue expansion

In South America, the Suya tribesmen of the Amazon have practiced ritual lip and ear stretching for spiritual and cultural reasons. Young men of the tribe had their lips and ears pierced when still young, and over several years, they stretched them sufficiently to hold disks several inches across. The amount of stretching that was attained could equal a 300% or more size increase from the original size of the tissue.

In Africa, the women of the Mursi tribe who live in the Omo Valley of southern Ethiopia also wear lip disks, a practice that has continued there for centuries. While this may look wild to outsiders, these disks marked the wearers as women of status, with the larger disks representing both sexual maturity and social position. Some of the Mursi women have developed their lips so far as to be able to pull them over their own heads!

While lip disks are worn to increase the size of the lower lip, the pressure they put on the jawbone also affects it over the long term. The teeth and jaw gradually give way under the continued pressure, gradually forcing them to arch backward out of the normal “u” shape of the jaw. The lesson here:

Tissue DOES grow when under pressure.

However, the process DOES TAKE TIME.

ProExtenderTM for permanent penis enlargement

The ProExtenderTM is the world’s leading penis extension device. Developed in Europe by Jorn Ege Siana, M.D., a certified specialist in general and plastic surgery, the ProExtenderTM will increase the length and girth of your penis using the exact same physical principles that are used in the examples above.

You’ll see REAL results in just a few months if you use the ProExtenderTM for a couple hours each day.The device is low-profile enough to fit inconspicuously beneath loose clothing.

ProExtenderTM operates on the principles of cell mitosis, which is the process by which cells divide to produce more tissue.Stretching puts a gentle tension on the penis, pulling the cells apart. This intracellular tension causes the body to grow new cells to relieve the tension. Your penis actually grows new tissue!

This groundbreaking device gives you absolute control over both the time and amount of tension put on your penis while in pursuit of optimum penis enlargement. Enlarge your penis without invasive and potentially damaging surgery or even so much as a doctor’s appointment with this amazing new device.

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