penis enlargement

Penis Enlargement

penis enlargement

What is the measure of the penis in a grown-up?

As per measurements, in flabbiness, the normal length of the penis is between 6 to 10 cm. In full erection of 12 to 18 cm, with a normal size of 13 cm (about 5 inches).

As for the measures to consider that a penis is small, a condition called “micropenis.”, several clinical studies point to a length that would be in a range of 4 centimeters with the penis flaccid and 7.5 centimeters (about 3 inches) with the penis in erection.

Can you really get a lengthening of the penis?

2 techniques or methods to lengthen the penis: mechanical and surgical; both permit to accomplish a lengthening limit yet are not shown methods for any individual who demands it. It is necessary to go to an expert doctor in male genital anatomy and make a mental evaluation so as to settle on the correct choice.

a) The mechanical technique is carried out by means of a sanitary product that applies mechanical traction on the tissue. After a continuous application of approximately 8 hours a day and for a period of 4 to 6 months, in some cases, it is possible to achieve an extension of approximately 1 or 2 cm. It is convenient to consult the specialist to know if the mechanical traction treatment is suitable for the patient in question, the age of the patient is decisive. 
b)  Penis enlargement surgery. In our clinics, the lengthening of the penisSurgery is performed with loco-regional anesthesia and requires a 24-hour clinic stay. You can get between 1-3 cms in length provided that the post-surgical indications are followed scrupulously.

The technique for achieving an enlargement of the penis consists of sectioning the suspensory ligament and the lateral or cuneiform ligaments. With this procedure, what is achieved is to extract the penis outside the pubic area, whereby an increase in the length of the visible penis is achieved.





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