Penis enlargement Method

According to statistics, in sagging, the average length of the penis is between 6 to 10 cm. In full erection of 12 to 18 cm, with an average size of 13 cm. A rule to know approximately the size of the penis in erection is stretching it and approximates its size in erection. Penises below 7.5 cm are not common and are therefore labeled micropenis.

Methods to enlarge the penis quickly and naturally

These exercises have various tests and scientific studies that support their effectiveness, so we can say without fear of being wrong that the exercises to enlarge the penis naturally work.

1.    Jelqing exercises

Jelqing is the title of a kind of penis massage technique. It is believed to improve the size of your erection. It involves massaging your penis in a way that stretches it and enhances blood circulation. The technique comes from the ancient Middle East, but Jelqing has now known throughout the world.

The steps you should follow if you want to do a good Jelqing exercise routine should be:

  1. Lubrication: Lubricate your penis and hands well to avoid hurting yourself.
  2. Erection: Get your penis 100% erection; otherwise, the effects you will get will be less.
  3. Hand position: You have to put your hand in the “OK” position between the index finger, and the thumb should form a circle.
  4. Place your hand on the pubis: At the beginning of the exercise, the hand must be tightly squeezing the pubis, revealing the member as a whole.
  5. Drag: You will have to grab the limb tightly and make a drag movement towards the glans. It does not consist in harming us, but in bringing blood to the part of the glans.
  6. We stop: When you notice that the glans fills with blood, you will endure in this position 2 or 3 seconds. And we will have completed the first repetition of the jelqing exercise.


  • No material equipment is needed.
  • It will help you feel healthier and understand your erection
  • There is numerous evidence that Jelqing only has beneficial effects on male health.
  • Although not widely accepted by the medical community, some medical professionals attest to its effectiveness.


  • It should be done several minutes a day, at least five times a week; It requires dedication to maintain a consistent routine.
  • Results take time – It can take weeks to several months or even years to see the results

2. Extenders

The extenders are a simple traction device. Although they come in a variety of designs, the principle behind each one is the same. The penis extender increases tension in the body of the penis, creating micro-tears in the cells that help build a longer penis.

Phallosan Forte, a popular penis pump, is a proven system for the enlargement, extension and natural straightening of the penis, and also works as a painless, discreet and reliable mechanical device.


  • Easy to use and save your time to no exercise.


  • Extenders material equipment is needed and more expensive
  • Must be patient to get 1-2″ result, It must use about 3-6 hours per days on six month

3. Surgery to enlarge the penis

Surgery is the most drastic method to enlarge the penis. However, it is a permanent and immediate method of extension. These increases are typically more noticeable in the flaccid state, so be sure to understand that the increases cited may reflect flaccid, non-erect growth.

How penis enlargement surgery works

Penis enlargement surgery involves invasive medical changes in the penis. According to plastic surgeons, lengthening is achieved by cutting a ligament inside the pubis that keeps the penis at a certain angle.

The risks of penis enlargement surgery:

  • Erectile dysfunction,
  • Nerve damage
  • Many other potential complications, including death.