Penis enlargement

Increasing penis size techniques

Penis enlargement

There is no “magical” technique in the direction of bettering penis measurement.  Preferred techniques of “enlargement” consist of:

  •  placing weights versus the penis
  • working with distinctive stretching mechanisms
  •  penis pumps
  • tutorial methods  What we Deliver oneself.

Each individual process has its professionals and negatives:

Manual Methods


  • Increase penis length and girth.
  • You choose which you want to increase more.
  • Typical increases after 3 months are 3/4″ in length, and
    approximately half that in girth.  Larger gains are made
    by those with penises that are especially small in a flaccid
  • Effects are totally permanent.
  • Manual methods do not require any apparatus.
  • They take 15 minutes a day.
  • Do them by yourself.
  • Increases flaccid penis length substantially.
  • These techniques also train the penis to create harder erections.
  • Teach ejaculatory control.
  • Costs $10.  (The price is so cheap because it is simply
    information.  There is no pump or device to make
    and then ship).

  • This method is ill-suited for those who are uninterested
    in touching their penises themselves.
  • Those with especially weak hands may not have the strength
    to finish the program, so results will be slower for these people.
  • Takes an active part on the customer’s behalf.
    The regimen must be followed 5 days a week to see full





  • Penis pumps are the highly touted item of the penis – enlargement
    industry.  The idea is that they break down the tissue
    in the penis, and then allow it to rebuild, much like a bodybuilder’s

  • They don’t really work.
  • Unfortunately, penis pumps don’t strengthen the pelvic muscles
    – the health benefits of our program are non-existent, and your
    orgasms and staying power won’t improve.
  • Penis pumps can rupture blood vessels and damage nerve endings,
    leading to a less pleasurable orgasm.  These effects may
    occur with repeated use.

Stretching Machines


  • Do increase penis length, (usually by 1/2″-3/4″)
  • These are usually more comfortable than weights, and models
    can be found that allow normal urination.  A strap is attached
    above the knee on one leg, constantly keeping the penis in a
    taut position.
  • Can be worn at night.
  • Produces semi-permanent effects if worn long enough

  • This is still an uncomfortable piece to wear.
  • You can’t wear shorts while using the item, either.
  • Because methods like weights and stretching devices require
    an almost constant pulling to achieve gains, you must wear it
    for a majority of the day.
  • Good stretching devices cost about $40.



  • Do increase penis length.  Immediate short-term benefits
    (1/8″-1/2″), can become permanent if worn for long enough.
  • Think of them like orthodontic braces – They hurt at first
    as the teeth are immediately moved, but you then become used
    to them as movement slows down.  The equivalent of a check-up
    is adding more weight.
  • If worn long enough, effects are mostly permanent.

  • Using Weights for your penis can cause great discomfort.
  • Often, the apparatus used for the deed interferes with normal
    movement (sometimes the testicles are harmed as well), and it
    is usually required to take the item off for urination – explain
    that at the office urinal.
  • You need to wear the weights for at least 12 hours a day
    – you can’t sleep with them, either.
  • The additional length of the penis comes at some expense
    to the girth.  Expect to lose half as much around as you
    gain in length.
  • Legitimate weight sets start around $40.





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