How to get women to chase you

Women are complex creatures sometimes. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to make girls chase you. Once you master it, it’s a piece of cake. Reaching that stage is the worst.

In short, when you want girls to be interested in you, it all comes down to desire. Desire is the difference between telling her that she is always “busy” every time she wants to hang out, and constantly asks her when she is next free.


At the moment when most men find a woman, they begin acting in a nervous and insecure way, something that alone is already terrible for attraction. On the other hand, once a man dominates his nerves, he is confident and comfortable to the point where he can approach any woman, then he becomes someone instantly magnetic for women. At that point, you can assume that they came to him. Master your fears and become a master in the art of approaching women, that alone will make all the difference. Women are quick, and honestly, for them, the first impression counts a lot. They look for the man to show them security, not to be nervous, and to make them feel comfortable when they feel attracted to things will flow naturally.


Women like men to pay attention to them. You must be interested in their subjects and have those words and correct questions that they see attractive in a boy. But that same expectation of receiving care is the fuel that goes up to its pedestal. So stop buying gifts trying to change them for your care or company (this includes paying for drinks) and also leaving the apparent flattery. After meeting her, sometimes, tell her that you were thinking about her. In other words, let me know that it is in your thoughts when they are not together. But do not exaggerate, because, in the correct doses, she will become addicted and will want to hear more and more details. If It is good that the conversation flows and avoids long times of silence, they will look for you without a doubt knowing that they have in you a man with whom little they will get bored.

Become a challenge

For all that, women tend to get away from all those men who show despair, need, craving, indecision, and insecurity. It is widespread for such a man, who tries to please him more, to end up out of battle without knowing why. The man that women want to pursue is another. Every woman wants to have something with an alpha, a man of power that has thousands of things happening in her life, and that finding it does not worry about receiving less, but about giving more, that is, running after the subject. Undoubtedly this is a crucial point for women to persecute you. It is necessary to be scarce, be unique, and that add value to your personality, avoiding having to do all the work. Become a challenge and try to stay that way throughout the relationship.