The small penis is a daily life problem. Although some of us don’t realize it, it affects a high percentage of the male population. They secretly search for effective methods, often diverting to weak and inadequate solutions. It is, therefore, worth mentioning the best ways, both for reliability and convenience of use.

Penis enlargement through surgery

Penis enlargement through surgery

A small penis is nothing special for the right surgeon. He will find ways to make it longer and thicker. Perhaps the results are not always satisfactory, but the changes are certainly visible. The only problem is that these methods are very painful. The surgery is performed under anesthesia, the effects of which, once exhausted, leave room for ailments that seem to intensify gradually and that are difficult to bear. Beyond this, there is the risk of complications, what all men fear. It can also happen that the operation is performed incorrectly. For these reasons, surgery as a method for penis enlargement more often discourages than encourages. Less painful, invasive, and above all, less risky methods are preferred.

Exercises for penis enlargement

Exercises for penis enlargement

There is nothing to prevent you from exercising regularly, every day, several times, at the same time of the day. Some of these exercises effectively affect penis enlargement if appropriate techniques are applied. However, one must be patient because the effects are not immediate. It is worth spending some time with this method because it is only hard work and a commitment to bear fruit.

You don’t need too much effort to do the exercises. However, it would help if you were patient because the effects are not immediately. Also, it is worth spending a lot of time on workouts, because only work, work, and commitment can change this matter.

Penis enlargement pills

Penis enlargement is possible through pills, available without a prescription, and available on the internet. Generally, they are of natural composition, which guarantees full safety for your body. The effectiveness of the product also depends on the proportions of the individual components. Only regular use of capsules according to the manufacturer’s instructions can result in tangible results.

Taking proper penis enlargement preparations can stretch it up to 9 cm in a few months. Barely visible changes can be seen from the first capsule.

Thus, choosing is not enough to read the ingredients or be guided by beautiful packaging. It is convenient to compare the opinion of other consumers. In this regard, a ranking of penis enlargement products can be beneficial.

Many men choose pills as a quick and convenient method of combating too small a penis. Today men are very busy – work, home duties, the aspiration to fulfill their desires, the satisfaction deriving from their passions, the family. They don’t have time to do exercises, and they don’t want to go to the surgeon or are ashamed of it.

Vacuum pump to increase the penis

Vacuum pump to increase the penis

The vacuum pump increases the penis – it is the next method, which you must warn in any way. This device is used for male enhancement by blood flow to it. The pump dilates the penis indolently and contributes to the corpora cavernosa in filling with blood, so the erection becomes considerably better. When you use the pump to increase the penis systematically, impressive results can be achieved after a few weeks.

Using such a device regularly allows you to increase the length and thickness of the penis and increase the speed of arousal, yet it is also a significant value when it comes to sex. The pumps are easy to use, safe can be hand-operated and automatically controlled, are easy to clean, and are extraordinarily durable.

Such a way to increase the penis divided by the next sequence of actions:

  1. Place the manly member on a flask or specially involved and begin to empty the area slowly.
  2. Choose the pressure on the optimal point and fix it for a specific time, enjoying the sensations.
  3. After that, the tissues of the penis will stretch, reduce the pressure.
  4. To accumulate the result, use the tool constantly

In summary, each man suffering from the problem should independently choose the most suitable method to increase the size of his penis. However, it seems that pills are the most effective, reasonable, and also safe method, obviously only if the chosen pills are the right ones.

Extender for penis enlargement

And now it’s time to talk about an extender to enlarge the penis, yet many men claim that this method is the best. It is also essential for doctors to approve such an appliance port since he does not suffer health in any way. Just after a few months of continuous use, the penis length can be increased by 3-4 cm! Those who purchased this device claimed that its effect healthily affects the success in bed and the speed of erection generation.

To achieve good results, it is enough to put an extender for a few hours a day. The opinions of the penis increase so that testify that at first, the port will be accompanied by slightly annoying sensations that will be demolished very soon. The device is fixed on the virile member, creating optimal conditions for its elongation—the corpora cavernosa will gradually deform, which will immediately influence the size of the male merit.

You can increase the size of the penis in this way, but you must wear the extender correctly:

  1. To get the best possible results, you need patience – you must wear it for at least six months.
  2. Consolidate the device on the penis and go with it every day for three hours.
  3. You shouldn’t be feeling sharp pain. If you have unsustainable evil, you have made a mistake at some stage.
  4. If the penis enlargement implant rubs against the penis, you can wrap the organ with bandages.
  5. For the earliest effect, use the extender in conjunction with special creams.

So which of the methods is the best?

After reading this article in full, you no longer need to know the cost of increasing the penis, yet with the skill and ability due, you can reach the goal set at home. All that remains is to clarify which of the methods is the best, but unfortunately, this question cannot be answered uniquely.

The fact is that every organism is individual, the choices of each person differ from those of the other. Therefore it is useless to advise and even more to impose something. One thing can indeed be said: 9 out of 10 men, communicating their impressions, are inclined to believe that creams and pastilles are the safest way when it comes to a question if it is possible to lengthen the penis without surgery. You can use this method as the only one, or combine it with others. Instead, all pumps and extenders can cause trauma, if misused, while creams contribute to the increase in the penis in length and diameter and make it possible to increase the glans penis.