How to be more handsome every day

Like ladies, each time men worry increasingly over their skin, their hair and their body, and they don’t need to be like a woman or be crazy about body love, they need to head outside. The individuals who comprehend the subject say that beauty is inside. Also, what does it do hidden there, where nobody can see it? It’s like having a beautiful classic car parked in the garage and never driving it.
The mission of cosmetics is to bring out the best version of yourself so that the rest of the world can enjoy it. To be more attractive, you don’t need significant sacrifices or complicated routines. Still, a few well-chosen products adapted to the specific needs of each skin type, and include a few foods in the daily menu. To be the most handsome of spring, you have to follow these simple tips.

Every day hydration

It is fitting to utilize a cream for the face, at least once a day, so your face will be gentler, and you will want to kiss. For the body, you should apply cream after showering, when you are dry, however on the off chance that it appears to be extremely irritating or you have the sentiment of staying, use shower oil.


The first spot where indications of fatigue become apparent is in the eyes. Darkening the area, cracking or creating horrible bags. Also, no, it isn’t sufficient with the moisturizer, since the anti-dark creams are specially designed to take care of this area of ​​the face, whose skin is thinner and sensitive than the rest of the body. Other tips, sleep a minimum of 7 hours a day, quit smoking and wear sunglasses.

Wash your face correctly

Wash your face correctly

Washing your face does not mean pouring water or at most using the same soap as for the body, this way, you are clogging the pores of the skin. Specialized face soap should be used daily. And on the day of shaving, you should use a specific scrub.

Be careful of the eyebrows!

This issue is somewhat tricky since I am not in favor of men shaving their eyebrows, but I do not think that if it comes from the factory with a frown, it stays that way — all in perspective. I advise you to go to an esthetician and put yourself in their hands.

Perfect hair

Perfect hair is only achieved by having a trusted hairdresser. Someone you trust and can tell you what you want and let you advise him, since it is who knows, depending on your head structure and type of hair, what will be better for you. As a granddaughter of the barber that I am, I advise men to go to a barber, since you will understand each other better.

Caring for hands and feet

Caring for hands and feet

And I don’t mean to cut your nails and wash your hands every day. Men, like women, have cuticles, stepparents, and stories. You should go to an esthetician at least once in your life, thanks.

Nice smell

It all starts with a good shower, continues with a pleasant deodorant and ends with the perfume that is not heavy. The right place to put the perfume is behind the ears and on the wrists. THE FACE IS NOT A PLACE

Wear glasses

For women, it is sexy a man with glasses, whether of sight or sun, does not matter. We love the intellectual aspect. Each face has a shape. Therefore, not all glasses can fit you, look for the right one, even if you have to try the entire store.

Have a good pose

That is, you must go upright, walk as straight as possible and show confidence in every step you take. Conclusion: look like the least hairy of primates.

Have Good manners

Having manners has nothing to do with opening the door for the girl when entering a bar or inviting her to dinner, which is also not prohibited. I mean, there is nothing that seems more irresistible to a woman than a man, that he knows how to listen to, have a fluid and interesting conversation and also make her laugh. 

Be well dressed and Develop your own style

Be well dressed and Develop your own style

Clothing is an essential aspect of the facet that you are going to show to the public. It is important that your style is your own and that you do not end up using other people’s ways of dressing.

What we do ask is that your clothes look clean, wrinkle-free, with a good smell, since we realize those things.