How to dress well for your body type



The image has become very important in man, we must know how to choose, combine and know the tricks to be more handsome. If we want to dress well, it’s essential to know that not everyone has the same BODY TYPE. Note, there is no template for the perfect body.

Looking Good dress is your objective, and we need to examine the type of body we have to achieve this. Today we’ll give you a few tips to discover the body you’ve got and the clothes that suit you best.

Body types of men

The types of male bodies classify into Endomorphs, Mesomorphs, and Ectomorphs based on metabolic, bone, muscle development, and fat accumulation tendency. The most athletic biotype is the Ectomorph and the least the Endomorph.

The first step you can take is to look at your body in front of the mirror, figure out what kind of shape you have by contrasting what you see with the above image, so you can find the clothes that suit you best.

First of all, it’s hard to know that there are three types of bodies, and we all fit into one of them, even though many people have two different kinds of characteristics. It’s Ectomorphs,  Mesomorph and endomorphic.


Their lean structure distinguishes ectomorphic individuals. We are known to fail to increase lean muscle mass. You also have a speedy metabolism that is not predisposed to take on fat mass. They efficiently manage to burn fat.

We have one of the most visible characteristics of this type of body:

  • Thin structure
  • long limbs and short body
  • narrow shoulders
  • long neck
  • low body fat
  • fast metabolism
  • hard muscle mass building


These people are blessed with broad shoulders and a slim waist, so they have the typical V shape of their body. These have a slower metabolism than Ectomorphs, so to remove extra pounds, these may need more cardiovascular training and an excellent diet.

We have among the most visible features of this type of body:

  • Compact and athletic structures
  • slim and defined body
  • broad chest and narrow waist
  • easy muscle mass increase
  • easy fat mass increase


Endomorphic bodies have higher bone density, full waist, and relatively short legs and arms. They usually manage to assume muscle mass quickly. It does have a prolonged metabolism, though.

Among the most visible features of this type of body we have: round structure

  • tall and curved shoulders
  • short neck
  • long and wide trunk and legs
  • poor muscle definition
  • smooth skin, small hair
  • weight gain tendency


 We must be realistic. When dressing well, we must bear in mind that understanding our bodies is the essential trick in choosing our outfit and style. As much as we wear the most expensive firms ‘ clothes, it will look ugly if it doesn’t fit our figure or favour our features.


If you identify with the ectomorphic body as described above, we can tell you that you are of a thin body muscle so that you will fit you in some way with what you wear the clothes, even though we need to clarify certain things.

You will profit from wearing tight clothes first of all, better than those that are big. Some thin men feel that if they dress according to their height, they are barely seen and insist on wearing in larger sizes when, in fact, the only thing they get is to look thinner.

The custom-made clothes are what suits you best, but understand that it is (obviously) more expensive to buy your size and level. Remember, don’t choose to buy smaller sizes than the one that suits you because you’re going to look silly.

Take advantage of tones like red or green, as well as black, “vivid” colours to make the body look less light. White is a different tone that can work for you.


If you have a  Mesomorph type of body, we have to say you’re going to have an excellent athletic structure, but that doesn’t mean you’re “fuss.” However, your body is more defined, so you can easily mark your muscle, so it’s not highly recommended that you bet on too tight clothes. One thing is showing off your body, and another looks like you’re going to break it.

Choose your size garments, although it’s better to try them before if they fit you very tightly because of your body muscle. Also, choose tops that you can take advantage of before t-shirts and pants. Any color can do you good for your luck, and you can choose without any problems, all kinds of prints.

We see later in more detail how to dress according to the body muscle, but in turn, you know that height plays a crucial role, so we continue with this aspect.

As for suits, you will realize that all blazers tend to be narrow shoulders. Surely you will have to choose a size of pants smaller (for your fitted waist) to that of the jacket.

 Later, we see in more detail how to dress by the skin, but in effect, you know that height plays a crucial role, so we start with that dimension.

As for suits, all blazers tend to be narrow shoulders, you will realize. You will certainly need to choose a smaller pant size (for your fitted waist) than the jacket size.


The trick will also be to get their size right for people with endomorphic skin, but you can always wear clothes that look wider from below than above and not vice versa.

Most thick people or “chubby” prefer giant shirts or shirts that think they conceal more of these “extra kilos” when they have the opposite effect. Ideally, your size shirts can be painted if you wish, allowing you to see your thinnest body.

There’s no doubt that black is a color you’ll always be right.

For men with endomorphic bodies, tailor-made suits can also be a point in favour. Think that the waist is as wide as the back in this type of body. Use that with outfits that fit you like a glove but without slipping into the harness.

He neutrals can be the right choice against the listed black as well. While navy blue and grey are the colours, you can take advantage of as well.

On the other hand, as advice, we can tell you that you can better hide the belly if you take off your belt and choose braces. Wearing a shirt and tie inside is even more comfortable, but without wearing them firmly.


Once we’ve seen how you can dress well depending on the type of body you’ve got; another fundamental aspect of selecting the type of clothing you should use is your height, which will allow you to dress well or make it hard for you.

The stature can indeed cause-specific complexes for some men, but if one feels confident and knows how to get the most out of it, the height is just one more quality of the person who doesn’t have to condition anyone’s social life.


If you’re fortunate enough to be a tall man, even if you don’t wear too wide-cut, you should wear all kinds of clothes because they won’t benefit you.

The best thing is that you can wear colours and prints of all sorts, but not only consider the height, but also look at your body muscle and always buy your size.

The bad thing is that, especially when it comes to pants and shoes, you won’t always find clothes for your height.

But yes, things like bright colours and vertical stripes should be avoided by a big man. As a tall man, with your clothes and appearance, you will feel comfortable. If you wear well-equipped clothes, you’ll feel safer and more willing to conquer the world, but you may feel uncomfortable and awkward when you think of a corset or when you’re crushed by a shirt that fits you poorly.

Focusing on the pants, we’re going to tell you there are plenty of options available and the good news as a tall man with long legs is that you can get away with it.

The tight pants will look amazing in your height, while the wide trendy cargo pants can help you look a little shorter if this is the kind of effect you want.


If you’re short, it’s better to get away from trends like oversized jackets or shirts or very long clothes, as you’re only going to get to see yourself shorter.

Allow the most of much tighter clothing and stylizing shades like black. You can also use slightly larger pants and wear them to appear to have longer legs. Use raw tones or neutral colours, as for colours.

On the other hand, prints such as photographs should be avoided, which will make you look even smaller, or tortoises. Wearing the shirts inside is even more accessible, and the jackets keep them from being extended. Do not use “black and white” style color combinations and always bet on clothing that is exactly your size.


We have already given some clues and ideas on how to dress according to the body we have. Next, we want to provide you with some more about the appropriate way of dressing and the style that can best fit you depending on your body muscle.


If your body muscle is small, you can avoid over-sized or large pockets. Long t-shirts, or huge trousers, can make you look much smaller, so it’s safer to bet on something tighter clothes and mainly to make the most of your body.

The slim fit suits; they look great, for example, and you can easily point to the current trend of wearing multiple layers.

You’ll find the best shades: white and neutral tones, pastels and bright colours.


Though it may not seem like it, most men have a medium-built body; that is, neither too high nor too low, and that suits their weight quite well. This form of body muscle doesn’t have to cause you many problems when choosing the right dressing process, although we can make mistakes sometimes.

Why, if your waist and chest perimeter may not be, put on tight pants or a very tight shirt? If you’re not very tall, why wear pants in a rapper plan?

You need to know precisely what you’re measuring and what size is right for your type of body and you don’t want to wear one more and not one less.

For you, the best colours: white and black and the colours with which you can hide the most exciting parts of your body.


Most thick-built men tend to buy huge clothes to hide their weight when the only thing they get is to see a lot more. I’m not saying you’re putting on tight clothes, but yes, clothes that you look comfortable but not wide: shirts and high pants can be a good ally.

Also, avoid layers because they’re not going to favour you either.

The best colours for you: black and off neutrals, as well as warm tones.


Getting muscles can be many men’s dream, and although it’s essential to take care of yourself and be healthy, some men grow too much muscle mass at the very least who start exercising and dieting.

If your muscles mark your body too much and you don’t like to wear clothes with which they stand out, you might have to bet on your beak necks because you can balance the part of your torso and shoulders with the waist that is usually much narrower in men.

It straight trousers with pockets on the hips marked will be the best fit for you.

The best colours for you: Black and neutral colours like grey.