Best tactical pen with a flashlight by TF TAKEFLIGHT

The tactical pen is a potentially lethal and versatile weapon, and discretion is the reason to acquire one and carry it at all times.

Designed not to break during combat, since they make of a very resistant machined metal, they are equipped with pressurized ink cartridges, perfect and ideal for carrying them most discreetly in your pocket, belt, shirt or tactical wallet.

Even if you don’t need to defend yourself, its usefulness goes beyond that, since it will work correctly for you to take note of anything you need.

Tactical Pen for Self-Defense + LED Tactical Flashlight, Bottle Opener, Window Breaker | Multi-Tool for Everyday Carry (EDC) Survival Gear | For Military, Police, SWAT | Gift Boxed + Extra Ink

The 4-in-1 Tactical Pen is the discreet & practical way to stay ready for anything. With the strength & power to smash a car window, fend off an assault, & shine light …all while taking notes or clipped on your pocket.

Stay safe & secure discreetly without having to carry dangerous or heavy items.

Carry TakeFlight every day & be prepared when a crisis comes your way.

LED TACTICAL FLASHLIGHTDuring power blackouts or when walking alone at night, shining a light on the situation can prevent disaster. Plus, it’s just plain convenient when looking for your keys or when walking near roadways. The LED tactical flashlight also comes with a spare battery.Emergency Escape Glass BreakerWhether to rescue or escape an emergency, the glass breaker tip has the greatest potential to save a life. Car doors jammed after an accident, windows that won’t open in a fire, or fighting off an attacker are all potentially deadly scenarios for those unprepared.U.S. Veteran Owned BusinessDesigned, owned, & operated by a United States military veteran with real-world tactical experience. Our unique expertise allowed us to design a Tactical Pen that focused solely on what matters to keep its carrier safe in a discreet & lightweight way.


  • One of the best-selling tactical self-defense pens in its category.
  • Multifunctions: includes a military flashlight.
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design easy to use.