Benefits of squatting every day

Benefits of squatting everyday

The Squats are considered the or one of the best exercises for their benefits, the type of functional movement applied to daily life.
Indispensable in a complete workout, squats have a variety of benefits for each body. When you do squats, you move many muscles in your body: quadriceps (in front of the leg) adductors (inside), gluteus, femoral (back of the leg), calves and lower back.

Benefits of squatting every day

  1. Squats and their influence on our balance and stability. They help develop flexibility around the hips when you do them correctly and gradually increase the range of motion. If you add a certain weight slowly, it is an excellent anaerobic, so your muscle mass will increase.
  2. The muscles you use when doing squats are the same ones you use for jumping, running and sprinting, so you will have more resistance. You will have strong and powerful legs
  3. They burn more fat. Squats burn a lot of calories and stimulate the cardiovascular system. Not only do you burn calories while doing squats, but you still burn the next 24 hours, and this because of the intensity of the exercise.
  4. By working the longer muscles of the body, the bone density of the spine, hips, and legs is increased, which helps prevent osteoporosis, mainly in women.
  5. They improve the posture because when doing a squat, they also exercise the abdominal and spinal, which work as a support to maintain the position of the back.
  6. Squat work as prevention for the elderly
    Squats exercise can help improve the quality of life of the elderly, as well as help improve their daily mobility. However, squatting involves repeating a movement that older people tend to find it challenging to do sometimes, as simple as getting up from a chair, sofa or bed in the morning.

How to squat

  • Stand with parallel feet slightly more open than your hips.
    Be with your feet open at shoulder height
  • Bend your knees and lower your hips toward the floor.
  • Do it until your hips are lower than the knees, but keep the spine straight.
  • If the heels lift off the ground, it is probably because the tendons were tense, then place a blanket or rolled towel underneath for support.
  • Stretch your spine up and relax your shoulders.
  • Hold the position for eight full breaths.