3 ways to increase penis size

Increasing penis size remains one of the most significant milestones and myths of male sexuality. Currently, some many products and devices promise the increase of the measure, however many of them could endanger health.
Most of these “solutions” to increase penis size, such as pills, penis vacuum pumps, Penis extender etc. They will only make the penis look bigger because they stimulate increased blood flow and make new penis tissues.
However, Today We present easily three other ways in which you can increase penis size without jeopardizing your health.

Lose weight for penis size.

Losing weight will make the penis look bigger only if you are overweight, because as you lose weight that extra fat filler that is on your pubis. And that hides the limb, it will become smaller, or it will disappear, thereby You can earn about two extra centimetres.
Losing weight makes the penis look bigger by increasing the proportion of how it seems for the rest of your body.

you will lose an inch of the visible penis for every 30-50lbs of excess weight.

Shave pubic hair

Very Easy Another way to increase penis size is only to shave your genitals, which will cause the limb to reveal the length that is hidden behind all the pubic area hair.

Improve Erections

Erections. If you increase the blood flow to your penis, the larger it will look so that that continuous erection will achieve that small increase.

This cause impacts your erection:

  • Tobacco damages the epithelium (lining) of the blood vessels, affecting the muscle mass of the penis and impeding the circulation of blood. If you smoke, you will be 50% more likely to experience episodes of impotence.
  • Work stress directly relates to erection problems. Also, addicted to work people tend to sleep poorly and exercise little, two other great enemies of erection.
  • Sleep well is at least six hours. Sleeping five or less for a few days in a row plunges the testosterone levels of young and healthy boys by ten percent, decreasing their erection capacity and libido.

These three alternatives help you to give the impression of increasing penis size, but you must remember that the only real and permanent way to achieve this is through surgery, which carries certain risks. Remember that a satisfying sex life also depends on a healthy attitude and mentality.